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Day Trip: Bodega Bay with Lindsey Nickel

Guest Blog Alert!

I asked Lindsey Nickel, a top wedding planner in Wine Country, to tell me some of her favorite things to do in Wine Country, and she mentioned she had the perfect birthday trip to share!

Based in Napa, Lindsey specializes in working with stylish, hands-on couples, who want to have fun on their wedding day. Lindsey’s weddings and expertise are featured on, The New York Times, Style Me Pretty, Brides, The Knot Yours Truly book, Carats & Cake and more. You can learn more about her at

If you're to be inspired for your next birthday trip, check out Lindsey’s birthday must-do in Bodega Bay.

I’m thrilled to share my Bodega Bay birthday with you! My birthday is in February, which can mean blue skies and mustard flowers starting to bloom OR rain and getting cozy by the fire. This year, we were lucky to get the blue skies and were THRILLED because I planned a birthday trip for me and my husband (whose birthday is five days before mine) to one of my favorite places - Bodega Bay on the Sonoma Coast.

We started the day at Chanslor Stables for our horseback beach trail ride. I find that horseback riding can be a polarizing topic, the way people have strong opinions about crunchy or smooth peanut butter. Either people love to do it or they really would rather do anything else. Personally, I love horseback riding and smooth peanut butter. This was the highlight of our birthday trip to Bodega Bay because we had a BLAST!

We arranged a two hour ride on the beach and it could not have been more perfect! It was a scene out of a movie - complete with galloping horse on the beach with the wind whipping through our hair, as the waves rolled in on the sand!!! If you have never ridden a horse on the beach, it is a must do!

The staff at Chanslor Stables are super friendly and they clearly take very good care of the horses. Riders of all levels are welcomed, and many standard rides are totally fun. If you’re looking for something special, (here‘s a locals’ tip) just ask for a custom ride (like we did) when you reserve your horseback excursion!

Lindsey Nickel in Bodega Bay
Lindsey and her husband celebrating their birthdays in Bodega Bay

After the horseback ride, we were ready to stretch our legs. I wish I could tell you the exact name of the beach we went to, but I honestly don’t remember. Walking Barefoot on the Beach is the best feeling! It was gorgeous, romantic and energizing! There are tons of beautiful beaches in Bodega Bay. You can stop at any of them and take a walk. The views are spectacular! Visit a Sonoma County Beach.

We were hungry after the horseback ride and beach exploring so we headed to one of my favorite seafood restaurants, Fishetarian Fish Market. I wish I could tell you this place is a hidden gem, but it’s actually super popular. Pretty easy to find - you can’t miss it or the long line in front on the weekends. (Bodega Bay fisherman bring in fresh local crabs every year, so this is where to get it really fresh!) Tip: Skip the picnic tables in front and instead grab a picnic table to the right of the restaurant - it’s on the beach.

After tasty fresh crab sandwiches and fries, we were back on the road. Our seafood adventure was not over! We stopped for oysters at Bodega Bay Oyster Company!  (Okay, I have something to admit: I used to think oysters were really gross. It took a few times for me to realize that they are actually super delicious.) Whenever I go to Bodega Bay, we stop at Bodega Bay Oyster Company and my birthday was no exception. It’s right on the road, so you can’t miss it. It’s a great spot for freshly shucked oysters with a few picnic tables outside. We scooped up some oysters and were on the road to Sonoma for some delicious tacos to end my perfect Bodega Bay birthday.

- Lindsey Nickel, Lovely Day Events

It was a spectacular day for Lindsey and her husband in Bodega Bay and I am grateful she shared with us! I hope Lindsey's birthday trip inspired you! See you soon in Wine Country!

Thank you to Lindsey Nickel from Lovely Day Events for this special guest post!


When Lindsey is not horseback riding, she is a wedding planner and business coach to wedding planners. She’s a superwoman!

Lindsey is the owner of Lovely Day Events, a boutique wedding planning company based in Napa, specializing in working with stylish, hands-on couples who want to have fun on their wedding day. At her coaching business, Lovely Day Strategy, she is the go-to marketing and business coach for wedding planners who want to be fully booked with wonderful clients. She is a Bay Area native with a passion for outdoor adventures and travel.

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